Shipping & Returns

Carrying Your Gift

FREE SHIPPING FOR PURCHASES UP TO 250 € (offer valid for peninsular shipments)

Shipments are made once the payment is confirmed. The usual delivery time is between 3-8 working days, may vary depending on the availability of your product. It will not be delivered without Signature and ID of the recipient.

The shipping costs, if any, cover the delivery until delivery, as often as necessary the presence of the delivery agent at destination, this will not increase the price. If you notice breakage in the product refuse delivery, a new product will be shipped.

Returns will only be accepted under incidents, whether transportation or manufacturing. All returns are free, in case of having to replenish a product, shipping will also be made without charge.
Each ham or pallet of our lots, incorporate a flange in the same, which indicates a reference code, without such code, substitution will not be possible in case of incidence.